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[SD-User] SD bugs SO2R also SO1R

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Subject: [SD-User] SD bugs SO2R also SO1R
From: "Radoslav Galis" <>
Date: Mon, 04 May 2009 20:59:56 +0200
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I tried SD with microKeyer 2R+ and I found probably some bugs.

1} When I tried to switch between 1R FT-1K and 2R TS-480SAT using \ doesn't 
Command PORTS than set CW port 1R to 51 (LPT1) and CW port 2R to 51 (LPT1).
Now \ works, not absolutely correct: 1R than swith for second to 2R, but when I 
set CW ports for radios back to value 06 (WinKey port at microKeyer) than 
finaly \ switch between radios works correctly.
2) Next I found strange behaviour in RUN mode. When I wrote down CALL and press 
ENTER, after while I got "WinKey error" message, after about 4 sec. delay CW 
keying begin. I got such error message only in this case. When I made CW keying 
manually then using TAB set to field, wrote down contest code and ENTER, it 
works OK. 

Now I'm using microKeyer 2R+ only SO1R (CW port 1R is 06, CW port and control 
port for 2R is 0) and behaviour 2) is still there.

BTW, I asked my friend Joe OM7ZZ (microHam) for help with  1)
I tried functionality with useful SW Parmon (Parallel Port Monitor - When I click there on LPT pin 14 microKeyer 2R+ 
switched between 1R and 2R without problem. 
Therefore problem is between LPT and SD...

Paul, I hope you can fix these problems, because your SW is very useful.

BTW, I made SD extension for few OM/OK local contests, because they have very 
strange/complicated rules. You can see it here: - postcontest utility

Rado OM6KW
((ex) webadmin of for last 10 years HI, now internet pensioner 
HI, age 35)

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