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[SD-User] SD(V) voice keyer

Subject: [SD-User] SD(V) voice keyer
From: Lee Volante <>
Date: Fri, 29 May 2009 18:52:34 +0100
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Hi all,

My local radio club will be taking part in the VHF National Field Day
contest at the start of July. I've been asked to investigate using the voice
keyer functionality built in to SDV with the collection of club members'
laptops and radios that will be available.

I'd like to ask how anyone else presently using this feature has
arranged PTT keying. My radio club have a number of interfaces supporting
HamRadioDeluxe already available, which provide audio routing, and supply
the PTT via a CAT radio command. SDV requires PTT switching via serial /
parallel port or Winkey.

I think the simplest / cheapest way will be to use the existing interfaces,
and buy a USB to serial port interface, and then make up a transistor /
resistor lead, and wire this to an accessory port PTT on the radios, or in
parallel with the microphone DIN plug input.  There is always VOX, but
switched PTT may be better if we run a small masthead power amp on 23cms.

Any solutions to minimise fiddly soldering or spending too much money on
several commercial audio / switching interfaces gratefully received. Or is
there any demand for PTT switching via radio control ?


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