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[SD-User] SDV: editing/completing Log after contest

Subject: [SD-User] SDV: editing/completing Log after contest
From: Klaus Brosche <>
Date: Mon, 9 Nov 2009 12:47:20 +0100
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Good day,

I used SDV for the first time for last weekend's 144Mc CW Marconi  

All worked fine with SDV and me until close to the very end of the  

Here is my 'problem' and I hope someone may be so kind and help me out
of it:

I called a station but the QSO was not completed. However, for some  
I logged the QSO. So the serial number was assigned to this QSO.
The 'ZAP' command did't work on SDV.

As I was in a hurry (moving to the next QSO) I continued logging any  
QSOs on a paper log, as I thought I could delete the not-completed  
QSO after
the contest and also add the ca. 10 remaining QSOs from the paper log to
SDV after the contest.

I continued on the paper log starting with the same QSO number that  
was assigned
to the not-completed QSO.

Now, I need to get rid of that non-completed QSO, including the  
assigned serial
number and be able to add now (after the contest) the remaining 10  
QSOs from
the paper log into SDV (using the 'POST' command, I'd guess).

How should I proceed?

Thanks in advance for your advice.

Klaus, DK3QN

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