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[SD-User] SD in OM-OK test.

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Subject: [SD-User] SD in OM-OK test.
From: "Ron Pratt" <>
Date: Thu, 19 Nov 2009 17:01:23 -0000
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I had a problem with SD in the OK-OM last weekend and wondered if anyone has
an answer.

Using SD 14.29 in Laptop, a recent download, with Windows 2000 Prof which
worked ok in WAG test recently.

 About an hour into the test, it may have been doing it sooner, after
inputting the call I found that the curser would disappear and the computer
seemed locked up.

After frantic pushing of keys I found that the delete (-) key would return
the cursor and remove the call which rather upset things as I had completed
the QSO and had to remember the info. 

To cut things short I found that if I delayed more than two flashes of the
curser before moving on to the RST field then the problem occurred which
meant that one could not make sure the call was correct by waiting to check
before moving on.  If I played beat the cursor then everything worked
normally unless I needed to go back to change  the call when the curser
disappeared again. I managed to complete the test by double checking the
call before inputting and beating the curser which rather slowed me up.
Three reboots during the test did not help and downloading of another copy
of 14.29 also did not help.

On my main computer using XP Pro tests show no problem, only with Windows
2000 on my laptop. My concern is with CQWWCW though tests show no problem so
far. One of the tests so far showed that with a blank template for OK-OM
loaded, after the second qso is entered the problem occurred on the next






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