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Subject: Re: [SD-User] SD Hang-up
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Date: Tue, 12 Jan 2010 11:45:09 -0000
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I have used various versions of SD and have something like you describe -
but in my case it's the usual Windows problem - where the CW is irregular. I
have this when using a pretty ancient laptop with no USB ports and using
Windows 98. (This set up also uses the parallel port to key the radio.) 

However, with SD + Winkey (using a different PC running WinXP) and using the
same version of SD as you on Sunday myself, I had NO problems as you
describe - so I suggest that it may be your PC set up - or possibly RF
immunity problems?

73  Graham G4FNL

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Subject: [SD-User] SD Hang-up

I used SD V14.29  in AFS on Sunday and experienced frequent, but irregular,
hang-ups lasting  10-20 seconds, when operating in CQ mode, which prevented
the entry of callsigns and froze the CW message, sometimes in the middle of
the entry or during the playing of the message.  This is not the first time
I have noticed the hang-up.


During a hang-up, the coloured flashing dot normally seen at the start of
the callsign field, disappears, only to reappear some seconds later with no
manual intervention.  Everything else works very well.  I checked after the
contest that the problem occurred even when the rig (FT1000MP) was not
transmitting, so RF interference is not the cause.  How can I cure this?
The laptop used is an ancient, but reliable, Toshiba Satellite Pro.  Is this
not fast enough (300MHz processor) to run SD correctly?




Mike G0EFO

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