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[SD-User] V16.12 Released

Subject: [SD-User] V16.12 Released
From: Paul O'Kane <>
Date: Fri, 01 Feb 2013 08:45:48 +0000
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V16.12          1st February 2013

Triathlon DX Contest:
    Support added, including all multiplier and
    points options, with separate templates for
    the CW, SSB and Mixed SSB/CW sections. There
    is no direct support for RTTY.

    SV callsign mults are marked with asterisk *
    beside the call, and country mults are shown
    with M after the points field.

DIG QSO Party and DIG-PA Contest:
    Full support added, including all multiplier
    options.   Thanks PA0JNH.

    Callsign (Member) mults are marked with
    asterisk * beside the call, and country mults
    are indicated by M after the points field.

RAEM Contest:
    Now better supported.  Serial and coordinates
    are logged as separate fields, and the points
    for each QSO (based on coordinate differences)
    are calculated and displayed.

    When you edit previously logged coordinates,
    the points do not change, but are updated
    when the log is restarted.

CW Keying from Printer Ports:
    The SD.INI file now holds internal port addresses
    for LPT1 and LPT2 - and may be edited to reflect
    non-standard addresses.

    The default internal port addresses, when
    selecting printer ports with the PORTS command,

    51 : LPT1 : Decimal 888 : Hex 378
    52 : LPT2 : Decimal 632 : Hex 278
    53 : LPT3 : Decimal 956 : Hex 3BC

LZ Open:
    Broken code from V15.61, related to QSO Rates,
    caused a crash when editing previous QSOs.


If you find new bugs in V16.12, please post full
details to this mailing list.  Older versions are
not supported, so please confirm that the problem
exists in this version.

Please let me know what you would like to see
changed or added - whether features or new contests.

Paul EI5DI
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