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Subject: [SD-User] BERU LOGS.
From: brian coyne <>
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Date: Tue, 12 Mar 2013 14:32:13 +0000 (GMT)
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The Robot has highlighted two log errors in my log.

I doubt the version of SDC I am using makes any difference but it is 14: 31.

The day prior to the contest I was setting up and checking  everything  working 
and all was fine.

Come the day ready for the off, I had left a qso on there from the practice 
expecting I would be able to ZAP it. The ZAP command would not work, no big 
problem I was able to delete the phantom call and insert the first qso. The 
problem I am left with is that the original time remains.

Error no 2 - Can't fathom how this happened - in the middle of a run on 10mtrs 
one contact is shown as a qrg of 24.905, which of course never happened, the 
logging prog shows it as 10m onscreen.

My questions before I go editing the Cabrillo file,
a) Will I be able to edit the time and will there be a hidden date some where 
which will still cause the contact to be disallowed.?
b) Will I be able to alter that freq in the Cabrillo with no unintended 

A note of sympathy to those affected in last weekends trauma of corrupted band 
data by some SD users. I guess it hasn't come up before because most guys are 
using rig control but let me say in around  15 years of using SD there has 
never previously been a serious blip in the prog's and even Microsoft get it 
wrong sometimes despite all of the beta testing which they do.

73  Brian 5B4AIZ (C4Z)
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