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[SD-User] Mini-CWT Contests

Subject: [SD-User] Mini-CWT Contests
From: Paul O'Kane <>
Date: Wed, 13 Mar 2013 08:43:11 +0000
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The next mini-CWT contests, sponsored by the CW
Operators' Club, run as three entirely separate
one-hour events as follows.

  Wednesday 13th March  1300 - 1359z
                        1900 - 1959z
   Thursday 14th March  0300 - 0359z

Anyone can take part.  You can enter any number of
the sessions - they're all scored individually and
are CW-only on the 6 HF contest bands.   Rules at

SD V17.00 is free and unrestricted in this event
-  You don't need to be registered
or have an up-to-date key file.

  Select the "CWOps Mini-CWT" template.

Everyone works everyone.  Exchange your Name and
CWOps membership number.  If you're not a member,
send your state/province or country prefix
instead.  Reports are not exchanged.

One point per QSO, but a multiplier for each unique
valid callsign worked, regardless of band.

When you type a member's call, SD prefills their
name and number - if it's OK just press Enter to
log the QSO.  Otherwise type name and QTH with a
space between them - for example PAUL EI.

If you hear a number, and want to know the call,
simply type the number in SD's callsign field -
nothing else.  Press Enter after the number to
pre-fill the exchange ready for logging, otherwise
press Minus to clear the logging line.  This is
all easier to do than to describe!

Logs are not required.  Post your summary score
(member and non-member totals by band) from SD's
Score Window at

Paul EI5DI

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