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Re: [SD-User] key and version 17

Subject: Re: [SD-User] key and version 17
From: Paul O'Kane <>
Date: Sun, 17 Mar 2013 16:15:24 +0000
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On 17/03/2013 15:59, Geoff Dover G4AFJ wrote:

I have downloaded v17 and copied my key into the same directory. When I run
sd it says I only have a demo version! Does this mean the key is out of date
and wants renewing or I have done something wrong?

Key files never expire - if they with a specific
version of SD, they will always work with that, or
earlier, version(s).

With "Updates for 12 months" registration (at 20 euros),
the key file will work with any version of SD released
within 12 months of registration.  That way, users can
benefit from updates and bug fixes for 12 months.

With "No updates" registration (at 10 euros), the key
file works with the current, and earlier, version(s)
of SD, but will not activate later versions.

If, at any future time, users believe the updated
features and bug fixes represent value for money,
then it makes sense to register again.  There is
no requirement to have continuity of registration.

Paul EI5DI

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