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Subject: [SD-User] CWops Contests
From: Paul O'Kane <>
Date: Wed, 11 Sep 2013 12:20:41 +0100
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A reminder of today's mini-CWT contests, sponsored
by the CW Operators' Club.  They are three separate
one-hour events.

Wednesday, 11th September 1300 - 1359z, and
1900 - 1959z. Thursday, 12th September 0300 - 0359z.

Anyone can take part.  You can enter any number of
the sessions - they are scored individually and
are CW-only on the 6 HF contest bands.   Rules at

SD V17.14 is free from

  Select the "CWops Mini-CWT" template.

Everyone works everyone.  Exchange your Name and
CWops membership number (no 5NN).  Non-members
send their State, Province or Country Prefix in
place of membership number.

One point per QSO, with a multiplier for each
unique valid callsign worked, regardless of band.

SD pre-fills most members' names and numbers on a
callsign match.  If correct, press Enter to log
the QSO.  Otherwise, type the correct information.
For non-members, enter name and QTH with a space
between them - for example PAUL EI.

If you hear a number, and want to know the call,
type the number in SD's callsign field. Press Enter
after the number to pre-fill the QSO ready for
logging, otherwise press Minus to clear the logging

No need to submit logs - post your summary score
(member and non-member totals by band) from SD's
Score Window at

Paul EI5DI

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