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[SD-User] Strange behavior in S&P

Subject: [SD-User] Strange behavior in S&P
From: Sverre Holm <>
Date: Sun, 1 Dec 2013 02:30:32 +0100
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I use Search & Pounce a lot. Strange things happen if I am in that mode and
need to correct the received call sign.

I enter a call sign, then press Enter and my call sign is sent. Now I hear
the other stations's call sign again and notice that I have an error in
what I had entered into SD, I go back with the left-hand arrow and correct
it. However, the next time I press Enter again, his call sign is sent, not
mine. This is of course very annoying. If I again press Enter for a second
time, things are back to normal and my call sign is sent.

LA3ZA <>
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