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Subject: [SD-User] Stew Perry
From: "Allan G Duncan" <>
Date: Mon, 30 Dec 2013 10:47:31 -0000
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I started the Stew Perry Topband contest using SD version 17.22. This
contest has the four character locator as the contest exchange. After making
a couple of dozen QSOs which seemed fine, I noticed the past QSO's had
nothing in the "Lctr" column despite having entered it during the contact.
Each QSO had the correct distance score against it. Going back to edit
previous QSO's then required the contest exchange to be entered (locator) as
if they had not been recorded at the time of the QSO. I was using the "Stew
Perry Topband" template included with SD. I tried again on another PC with
the same result.


Looking in the .ALL file the received exchange seemed also to be missing. I
then generated a Cabrillo file using SDCHECK and similarly the contest
exchange was still missing. After a bit of panicking installing old versions
and finding the same result, I went all the way back to version 16.07 before
I found one that worked as expected.


I abandoned my first log and started again from scratch using version 16.07
- sorry to all those who replied QSO B4! 16.07 worked faultlessly


Was it me or have I found a bug? No one else seems to have reported any






PS I was pleased to work VK during the contest for a new all time DXCC on

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