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[SD-User] SD V18.18 Released

Subject: [SD-User] SD V18.18 Released
From: Paul O'Kane <>
Date: Fri, 05 Feb 2016 00:03:16 +0000
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V18.18  4 February.

Super Check Partial files.
    Added the template parameter "SCP_FILE" to specify
    a custom SCP file for the corresponding event. This
    parameter gives the name of a file to be loaded in
    place of the default MASTER.DTA file - from - maintained and
    supplied by K6TU.

FOC Marathon:
    The FOC templates have been updated to load
    FOCSD.SCP, a custom SCP file of FOC member calls
    for the FOC Marathon and QSO Party. I used MEdit,
    a free SCP utility program by VE3NEA, to create
    FOCSD.SCP - supplied. MEdit is available from

    The FOC reference file FOCSD.LST has been updated
    to include special calls for the Marathon, and is
    loaded automatically.

    Reminder 1 - if, when typing a call, the SCP window
    shows a single call, Up Arrow will instantly retrieve
    the call and complete the logging line - unless, of
    course, the QSO would be a dupe.  No other contest
    logger does this.

    Reminder 2 - if you hear a member's number and type
    it in the callsign field (no Space or Enter needed)
    SD instantly displays the call and dupe-checks the
    QSO. If not a dupe, press Enter to complete the
    logging line - with Call and Number placed in the
    correct fields. No other contest logger does this.
    If a dupe, press Minus (-) to clear the QSO fields.

DEMO Version:
    SD runs in demo mode if there is no key file, or
    if the callsign used differs from the one in the key
    file.  Fixed some display issues caused by broken
    code in V18.17 when running in this mode.


If you find bugs in V18.18, send the details to Older versions are not
supported, so please confirm that the problem
exists in V18.18.  Older versions, from V18.00,
are available from

Paul EI5DI

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