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[SD-User] Contests This Weekend - 16/17 April

Subject: [SD-User] Contests This Weekend - 16/17 April
From: Paul O'Kane <>
Date: Thu, 14 Apr 2016 19:18:17 +0100
List-post: <">>
*SD V18.23*, released 14th April, supports the following
contests -

Paul EI5DI


*RSGB International Sprint - SSB
*  4 hours from 1700z, Saturday 16th April
  SSB-only on 80, 40 and 20m
  Work everyone - exchange serial, name and both calls
*SD Option - "**R**SGB Intrnl Sprint"*
  Upload logs at
Holyland DX Contest*
  24 hours from 2100z Friday 15th April
  All modes on the 6 contest bands from 10-160m
  Work Israel only. Send a serial, log 4X districts.
***SD Option - "Holyland, DX"*
  Upload log at

*ES Open Championship*
  4 hours from 0500z Saturday 16th April
  CW and SSB on 40 and 80m only
  Work ES only - exchange serials
*SD Option - "Estonia Open HF"*
  Note: Stations can be worked again each hour -
  Use SD's *SETDUPE* command at 0600, 0700 and 0800z.
  This resets dupe checking. Answer N to "Reset Multipliers"
  Logs to esopen at erau dot ee

*CQMM DX Contest*
  Not to be confused with the CQWW or CQ-M contests
  36 hours from 1200z Saturday to 2359z Sunday.
  CW-only on the five contest bands from 10-80m
  Work everyone - exchange continent EU, SA etc.
  Extra points for working members with M added - EUM
  Mults are SA prefixes by band, and other DXCC countries
  (once only, not by band)
*SD Option - "CQMM DX"*.  Not CW-M or CQ WW
  Logs to cwjf at cqmmdx dot com

*YU DX Contest*
  from 2100z Saturday to 0459z Sunday
   AND 0900z Sunday   to 1659z Sunday
  CW-only from 10-160m
  Work everyone.  Mults are YT and YU prefixes by band.
*SD Option - "YU DX"*
  Logs to yudx at yu1srs dot org dot rs

Other Contests this weekend

*WAPC - Worked all Provinces of China*
*SD Option - "WAPC DX"*

*Michigan QSO Party*
*SD Option - "Michigan QP, DX"*

*Ontario QSO Party*
*SD Option - "OQP, DX"*


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