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[SD-User] V19.02 Released

Subject: [SD-User] V19.02 Released
From: Paul O'Kane <>
Date: Tue, 7 Feb 2017 15:14:38 +0000
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V19.02  7 February 2017

DEMO Mode:
    At times, a user's callsign was not written to the
    second control record in the .ALL file when a log was
    started or reloaded. In turn, SD displayed an error
    message and reverted to DEMO mode.  Fixed.

Editing QSOs:
    When editing or browsing earlier QSOs, their date and
    time logged is shown in place of the current date and
    time. This has particular relevance for SDX, where a
    single log may span months. Thanks EI4BZ.

    To see how it works, load any contest log with SD and
    observe what happens when you use Up Arrow to access

ADIF option in SDCHECK:
    Fixed a screen formatting issue.  Thanks EI4BZ.

    When a station has been worked on another band, the name
    and state are now pre-filled - in the correct columns.
    Thanks K1ESE.

    For a callsign match on any pre-loaded .LST file, the
    name is pre-filled.

Reference Files:
    Updated the DXCC.CTY and CQWW.CTY files.
    Updated the CWops and FOC callsign reference and SCP

    Users sometimes corrupt .ALL files by editing them
    directly to correct band or mode or times.  This is
    not recommended, as it's easy to corrupt a QSO by
    adding or omitting a single character (including space).
    In turn, all subsequent QSOs may be corrupted because
    SD reads a fixed number of characters when loading and
    re-scoring QSOs - it expects all QSO records and fields
    to be in exactly the right position.

    When the .ALL file gets corrupted, it can be recreated
    from the audit (.AUD) file but, obviously, it's better
    to prevent this happening. In any case, SD lets you
    edit band and mode directly with F1/F2/F3.

    If you really must edit the .ALL file directly, take
    a copy of the file before you start, and use Notepad.
    This is a text editor and, unlike word processor
    programs like Word or WordPad, it does not add hidden
    characters to your QSO records.

    Now, at startup, you are advised if any record/QSO has
    the wrong length, and SD displays its line number in
    the .ALL file together with the contents of the record
    - for the user to fix. This way, no subsequent QSOs
    will be affected.

If you find bugs in V19.02, send the details to
Older versions are not supported, so please confirm that
any problem still exists in V19.02.

V19.02 is available from

A reminder that SDX is a free DXpedition or Special-Event
logger for the 10 bands from 160-6m.  It may be downloaded

Paul EI5DI

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