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[SD-User] V21.20 - ARRL DX Contest for W/VE Entrants

Subject: [SD-User] V21.20 - ARRL DX Contest for W/VE Entrants
From: Paul O'Kane <>
Date: Sat, 15 Feb 2020 09:11:23 +0000
List-post: <>
If SD is not recognising countries and multipliers, use V21.20 from

When you reload your log, mults will be identified and your log will be scored correctly.


V21.20  15 February 2020

REF Contest for DX Entrants.
    Fixed scoring error - thanks AF2F.

    In V21.19 the word "Dupe" went missing above a dupe call,
    though the colour of the call changed to indicate a dupe.

ARRL DX for W/VE entrants.
    DXCC.CTY, the country/prefix reference file, was not loaded
    due to broken code.  Fixed, thanks K1TN.

    When existing logs are reloaded, mults are recognised.


SD is free from

When installing a new version of SD, to replace an older
version, take care to  "untick" the box corresponding to
"Create a desktop icon".  Otherwise you will have to resize
SD's window, and set other parameters described in GETTING
STARTED on page 3 of the manual SD.PDF.

If you find bugs, send the details to sd-user (at)

Earlier versions of SD are not supported, so please
confirm that any problem still exists in V21.20.

If you enjoy using SD, please consider adding a few
comments at
follow the "write your own review" link.

Thanks & 73,
Paul EI5DI

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