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[SD-User] Help from scratch

Subject: [SD-User] Help from scratch
From: Bob via SD-User <>
Reply-to: Bob <>
Date: Wed, 1 Apr 2020 01:25:46 +0000 (UTC)
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Hi gang --
I've been a ham off and on for 60 years, spent 20 at HRO, was active with FRC 
back in the 90's.
The last contest software I used well was NA by K8CC.
I've used N1MM+ reasonably well back when I was active but for some reason, 
whether hardware, cables, myself, I've been up a tree for weeks.
SD and its manual highly recommended and I downloaded them.
From the first instruction on page 3, "file extensions" does not show on my 
Windows 10 as the manual says.Right clicking the app windows does NOT show 
options, layout and font as the manual says. The manual also says those boxes 
are labeled SDX properties, mine are not.  I have a recent computer and updated 
software. I am not going any further till I find a way to reconcile the 
software with the manual, or whatever may work.
Again, I'm told how easy it is to set up and use SD and I want to get to that 
place and not use other contest software.
This  year my modest desires are single op barefoot unassisted CW contests. As 
I get going, CW Ops, WPX CW are the kind of things for me.
If you can help me I'd love it.
Thanks and GO FRC....
                      Bob N9GG
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