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[SD-User] Minor Problems in WAE and DXpedition mode

Subject: [SD-User] Minor Problems in WAE and DXpedition mode
From: Paul O'Kane <>
Date: Tue, 17 Aug 2021 23:38:03 +0100
List-post: <>
Forwarded to sd-user by EI5DI on behalf of Arno DL1CW


minor Problems in WAE and DXpedition mode
Arno Polinsky <>
17/08/2021, 22:39

"" <>

Hello Group, hello Paul.

During my recent stay in Peru, I use SD for all logging purposes. Either during WAE Contest, as well as for the normal QSOs outside of any contest activities.

Here I found few potential bugs.
General conditions for use:

 * No CAT usage !!
 * Pure logging function under WIN10

1.) DXpedition Template:

 * "RST" command has no effect. Since I'm not such a rare DX here in
   PERU, I prefer to send more realistic reports. In the current
   version seems to be not possibility to log deviating sent RST, other
   then in the Remark section of the QSO-Record.
 * Is it a bug, or can it be managed in the Template file?

2.) WAE mode, outside EU:

 * Logged other None-EU-Stations (some could not withstand to get in
   the log) are assigned correct with 0 points. GREAT.
 * Unfortunately they remain to appear as multiplier, as well as they
   become part of the QTCs send back to European stations. To correct
   the QTC Group after sending out, is a painful job. Lucky me, that
   the EUs have not complaint, and simply recorded.
 * I had one case were the QTC-receiving station was, by chance, also
   part of the sended QTC-Group. That is against the rules.
 * Remember: No CAT connection (Cable forgotten) exist. Then it could
   be that, I send a QTC group out on 15m. The last QTC in the group
   reflects a QSO on 20m. Suddenly the standard logging line shows then
   the Band "20m"! Obviously the last Band information (from the QTC)
   has been taken over for the next logging line. (That confused me
   several times, until I catched it). Often I had to modify the band
   info for the next QSOs. Of course, with CAT connected, it would be
   overwritten by the TRX information imediately...

Thank you for considering my remarks, and looking forward to your comments.

Apart from that, it was nice to use SD again, after long time. it made the job as expected, and is the first solution if you running Single TX setup, combined with a low performance PC. Both are happen to me here in Peru.

Hope to hear you on the bands, from my deep Valley location in Urubamba, about 20 miles north-west of Cusco, @ 2800 meter a.s.l.
CW is the language of my heart... Arno Polinsky, OA7/DL1CW
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