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TRLog\I'm Insane

Subject: TRLog\I'm Insane
From: (Michael Causey)
Date: Wed, 6 Nov 1996 01:57:08 -0600 (CST)
Hello one and all who use TR.  I purchased mine approximately 3 weeks ago
and have not slept since.  I'm also not one step closer to being able to
successfully use the program than I was the day it arrived in my mailbox.  I
have Version 5.84.  I know I post this at the risk of being ridiculed and
becoming known as the town idiot.  I really WANT to know how to use the
program, and yes, Larry, you have been more than kind over the net and on
the phone, I just don't think you can get down to my level, from a computer
knowledge (or lack thereof) standpoint.  I have the manual and yes, I can
read, but I've never used any contest logging program before.  I bought this
specific one because every Ham that I spoke with who had used the program
spoke very highly of it and stated that it was the best, bar none...nobody
EVER said it was the easiest to learn or even that it was easy to learn.  I
guess I should have asked the one question that I never thought of, "Can a
person who is not too swift when it comes to basic computer knowledge learn
the TR logging program?"  As CQWW looms closer each day my anxiety level
rises a few more degrees.  If anyone out there has had similar problems with
setting up your tr program, and has a little time, I would be GLAD to pay
you hard American cash for a few basic tutorial sessions on "How To" .  I
would be more specific as to what about the program I don't understand, but
my ignorance is so vast that I'm afraid even that would be a task too
difficult.  I have removed the program from my computer completely and I
suppose I will try and re-install it.  Any suggestions, comments,
recommendations for asylums?

Yours truly,
a contester wannabe,

Mike  N5ZX(the former kk5ep) 

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