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Really bad sounding CW

Subject: Really bad sounding CW
From: (Larry Tyree)
Date: Fri, 15 Nov 1996 14:07:22 -0800 (PST)
Some of you have been playing with the new weight control, but have
been unable to achieve the desired "fist".  So, in order to allow
you to generate really bad sounding CW, the next release of the
program will have the following control characters which can be 
used to send individual dits and dahs of various lengths.  A 
dit is assume to be a length of 10 and a dah is assume to be a length
of 30 (perfect ones that is).  There is a delay of 10 added to the 
end of each of these.  You can follow a custom Dah with an H , and thus
construct a six for example.

Control-E 22  Control-Dash 26  Control-K 30 (normal dah)
Control-N 34  Control-O 38

Control-P 6  Control-Q 8  Control-BackSlash 10 (normal dit)
Control-V 12  Control-L 14

However, if you use any of these features, the POST program changes
the summary sheet format to be exactly the same as CT.

I will release this sometime between SS SSB and CQ WW CW.

I must be nuts.

But then again, I just build the weapons, you are the ones who 
pull the trigger.

Tree TE T5 T ETE

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