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Happy birthday Version 4.05

Subject: Happy birthday Version 4.05
From: (Jay Terleski)
Date: Wed, 20 Nov 1996 20:45:33 -0600
Larry Tyree wrote:
> I was just noticing that it was three years ago when version 4.05 was
> released.  This is the public domain version that a lot of people are
> using.  It was used by myself at TI1C to set a new North American
> record which still stands (no sunspots!).  I think half of the top
> ten used the program.
> etc etc etc.

Your posting is timely Tree.  I am trying to get up to speed on getting
TR log set up and am having some problems.  Maybe the folks here can
help me.

M/S set up for network.  The diagram in the manual shows that two links
per computer are used.  I have two PCs set up now and the network seems
to work fine with just one cable connected between them on a single com
port on each.  When I take this to three and four PCs what exactly is
the configuration I need to tell logcfg.dat.  Two serial ports per PC or
just one?

Second question.  Interfacing the IC781 to one of the PC's seems to work
fine except for band map.  When I go to search and Pounce mode, the rig
will enter the frequency of the spotted station OK in the band map
window.  I can enter several stations and then when I try to go work one
of them by using the CTL-enter command to put the curser bar into the
window, then hit Return, to go to the frequency.  The program then puts
the callsign into the call area, and it does take the radio to the right
frequency, but it also takes it out of NAR filter to WIDE filter.  

I have tried to change the pause time and the timeout variables.  I
verified they were written to logcfg.dat correctly and restarted TR to
make sure it reread the .dat file.  But no luck yet.  

Any ideas how to keep it from changing the filter setting?

Thanking all of you in advance, in helping me get up to speed on this
excellent program.

Jay WX0B

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