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Band map questions

Subject: Band map questions
From: (Larry Tyree)
Date: Thu, 21 Nov 1996 09:21:15 -0800 (PST)
> I noticed in the recent SS tests that sometimes while in S&P mode,
> I would suddenly be at a prompt which said:
>       "Enter frequency for <callsign>:"
> <callsign> was usually someone I just dupe checked (w/ spacebar or
> just hitting enter), and was usually a dupe.  I looked through the 
> Alt-H and didn't see it there.  (This is not the "Enter transmit 
> frequency (kiloHertz) :" message generated by Alt-N, and I know I
> wasn't hitting Alt-N anyway.
> My guess is that it has something do do with the band map.  Like
> it's not getting the freq from the rig at some point, so it pauses
> and asks me to enter it manually.  Is this right?  Are there any
> toggles related to this feature?  (Didn't see any in Crtl-J menu.)

Good guess!  Look for ASK FOR FREQUENCIES.

> On a semi-related note... I either don't know how to use the band
> map well, or move too slowly for it to be effective.  Am curious
> how to use the band map effectively.  Thanks!

Try it in the 160 meter contest coming up.  It is a perfect contest
to practice.  Just go up the band and dupe check people and then
go up the band again and see what happens.


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