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[TRLog] W6ISO: Field Day log

Subject: [TRLog] W6ISO: Field Day log
Date: Thu, 11 Jun 1998 03:06:09 EDT

The sample FD version 6.25 works great.  It takes a little getting used
to and I can see why you sell the real thing as suitable for "more
advanced operators".  It sure is smooth to work with.

I have run it in simulator and non simulator modes in both CW and SSB.  I
also ran the reports and summary sheet.  2 point credit was not given to
the CW contacts.  All contacts, CW and SSB, were credited one point each.
 I haven't checked digital scoring.

Nothing I see in the Ctrl J set up allows me to adjust points.

How do I correct that?  Other than with and editor that is.

Many thank

Kit Kohlmoos

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