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[TRLog] Some comments / suggestions

Subject: [TRLog] Some comments / suggestions
From: (Jim Stevens)
Date: Mon, 30 Nov 1998 21:57:12 -0500
Used TR 6.34 this weekend and operated assisted.
Some comments / suggestions based on using the packet

- Already mentioned, but need a switch to allow local echo in
  the Ctrl-B window.  I used DX-Telnet to connect to Internet
  packet, and there is no apparent way to get DX-Telnet to
  echo stuff back across the serial link.

- Let's say there are 3 X 9As in the band window all with
  smiley faces (new mults).  I work one, and only that one
  changes to an *.  I would like to see the smiley face get
  removed from the other two 9As.  In other words, it would
  be helpful if TR dynamically updated all the smiley faces in the
  band map whenever I work a new mult.

- There should be an option for the band map to only show new

- There should be a window (Ctrl-?) to display mults needed on
  other bands without having to actually change the radio frequency
  to that band.  Maybe another nice option would be to show the
  number of new mults in the band map on each band, so at a glance
  I could see which band has the richest farming available.  In WW,
  one zone & country mult should count for 2 in this count.

Jim Stevens, K4MA

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