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[TRLog] Version 6.32 Post Multiplier Listing

Subject: [TRLog] Version 6.32 Post Multiplier Listing
From: (Lee Hiers, AA4GA)
Date: Sun, 1 Nov 1998 08:07:24 +0000
On 30 Oct 98, Thomas R. Williams wrote:

> Encountered a problem with POST in previous versions and found it is
> still happening in Version 6.32. When running POST R L for a listing of
> multipliers, all three of my computers lock up. I did eventually get a
> listing to the printer once, but most of the multipliers were listed
> three or four times. Trying a listing again caused a lockup. Small
> problem, since most contests don't require a mult list, but would like
> to know if anyone else is seeing it - or is it local?

Haven't tried that, but did notice this week that when running the 
POST commands to check multipliers, the computer locked up.  Tried it 
several times with lockups at 16 QSOs, 38 QSOs, etc.  May be related?

That's on an older version...around 6.24 I think.

Lee Hiers - AA4GA
Cornelia, GA   

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