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[TRLog] Adding logs to TRMASTER

Subject: [TRLog] Adding logs to TRMASTER
From: (WE9V Chad Kurszewski)
Date: Tue, 03 Nov 1998 08:12:00 -0600
>When augmenting TRMASTER with a log, the hit count is incremented only once 
>per call no matter how many times that call appears in the log. Perhaps 
>this makes sense to you, but it has never done so to me

I can see your point that you'd like to see one hit per QSO so you know
exactly how many Q's you've had with a particular station.  I like the
once per contest because I feel it is more of an indication of a "regular"
or consistant contester.

For example, I work W1ABC on six bands for NAQP and never see him
ever again.  6 hits your way.  6 hits = Active contester, huh?  Nope.

I work W9ABC 4 years in a row for SS.  Only 4 hits, but I could almost
bet money that I will see him again this year.

Therefore, I feel that the once per contest method is better suited
to implying how active the operator (or station) is and the likelyhood
that you will work that station again.

Maybe there could be another field that would have "Total QSOs"
and the Hits counter renamed (or understood that it is) "Total Contests". 
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