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[TRLog] Problem solved...!

Subject: [TRLog] Problem solved...!
From: (Tom Hammond)
Date: Fri, 06 Nov 1998 21:40:37 -0600

A while ago I sent out a request for assistance in getting TRLog
to send my report when in CQ mode.  That problem has been SOLVED
by my putting the exchange into F2 in OTHER (of Ctrl-J).

This had always been done FOR ME by the softwae when I allowed it
to automatically set up the default exchanges for all the other
contests I've used TR in, but for some reason, the setup software
didn't do it for the SS... go figure.

ANyway, got it running now.  THANKS(!) to anyone who might have 
replied before they go this message.

CU in the pileups.

Tom   N0SS

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