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[TRLog] Frustrating

Subject: [TRLog] Frustrating
From: (Ronald A. Stunden)
Date: Mon, 09 Nov 1998 16:17:15 -0800
<font size=3D3>Boy what a frustrating weekend. I had a problem with log
6.32 that just about drove me up the wall, Yes I know that's easy to
I finally traced it to the Radio control..<br>
1. Running FT990 with no amplifier, Computer is a 586 233 pentium,<br>
2. The program boots either from Windows 98 or DOS with no problem.<br>
3. However=A0 in a short time this is what happens.<br>
4. The time and CW speed read out will (very quickly) flip out of sight
and return.=A0 This happens about as fast=A0=A0=A0=A0=A0 as you can=
5. After a time, and perhaps one or two flicks of the time \speed
readout=A0 the band read out, &quot;160-10 &quot;and score will disappear.
The &quot;All&quot;=A0 with it's score will snap to the left side of the
page. ie where 160 was. Then all snaps back to normal.<br>
6. When this happens, if you happen to hit enter the whole thing will
lock up, Won't send the exchange in S+P<br>
=A0=A0=A0=A0 nor anything else. And a exit and restart the program is
7. What I finally found was if the=A0 fif 232c is out plugged from the
FT990 or turned off, then the program runs just fine. As it did for the
last few hours on the SS.<br>
8. Baud rate is set for 4800 as per the FT990 manual. all the other
parameters appear to be correct.<br>
9. Rtty ver 4.? works just fine controls the Radio as should be, By the
way the radio changes bands does all the things it=A0 made to do. <br>
10. I know Ray WF1B had a time to get=A0 the rtty=A0=A0 to control=A0 the FT=
11. Run the program on a 40lbs 286 &quot;Lap top&quot;, 486 133, and the
main all with the same results..<br>
Anyone have any ideas, Tree?????<br>
Sorry for the bandwidth, but its very hard to explain, you have to have
been here..My good XYL still can't figure out what the bad words and
screaming was about.<br>
Ron VE7YC<br>

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