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[TRLog] wiring TR (comp) to MP

Subject: [TRLog] wiring TR (comp) to MP
From: (Litwins)
Date: Tue, 10 Nov 1998 21:17:03 GMT
Hi all;
Feel like a dummy asking such a question, but I'm stumped!  First, I
need to know if anybody out there has interfaced computer running TR to
a FT-1000MP. Then, if u have, or have a similar situation, please help me
with the following: 

1)  In the TR manual, suggested circuits 'A' are supposed to be wired
between what connectors and what pins on the MP?

2)  When TR is doing CW from the KB, where is the output from the
computer coming from?  The serial or parallel port?  From the diagrams
included in the TR manual, it looks to me like the cw from the KB comes
out on pin 4 of the RS-232 serial port and the PTT comes out on pin 7.
Does the serial out and serial in come from pins 2 and 3?

3)  I noticed that the CAT connector on the MP, according to the
pin-outs shown on Pg. 4 of the MP manual, are reversed wrt the normal
way RS-232 is pinned.  IE....CAT connector has pin 5 and 6 on the same
side of the connector.  Usually it is 5 and 9. 

4)  To make this simple; does somebody have a circuit diag. I can use to
get this thing gng?  If e-mail is too complicated to explain, my phone
is 850-682-8888.  U will reach either my mail-box or, separately, my
machine.  In any event, leave a quick msg. and I'll call u right back if
u think u may be able to help me here.

5)  I think this almost answers one question.  On the MP, the serial out
and the serial in lines are the only 2 lines wired to anything internal
in the MP.  Therefore, the CW key output (pin 4) and the PTT output (pin
7) from the computer have to be wired someplace else on the MP...but
where? I guess I'm kinda figuring this out as I'm writing this.  My guess
is to  the tip of the plug which is plugged into the 'KEY' connector on
the back of the  MP. Then the PTT line wud have to go to the PTT
connector on the back of the MP as well?     

6)  Could somebody pse confirm all this for me before I go and do
anything else stupid!

7)  If all the above seems correct, then I would guess that the only 3
wires that need to be run from the computer RS-232 to the MP CAT are pin
2, serial input from MP, pin 3, serial output from the computer to the
MP, and ground, pin 5.  Then from pin 7 on the computer, insert the
circuit  shown in the TR man. suggested circuit A, into the line, and run
it to the PTT connector on the back of the MP.  Then pin 5 from the
computer, wud go to the tip of the jack 'KEY' on the back of the MP. 

8)  Then, if u want to wire in ur paddle...wire it into DB-25 on the
computer pins 12 es 13.  Do u need the 10k pullup resistors here?  Then
pins 16 es 17, (ptt) es (cw) are wired thru suggested circuit B to
another Key and PTT input on the MP, if there is one?  Is this the way
all MPs are wired into the computer?  Or can I just plug my paddle into
the front pnl KEY jack and forget the keyer function in the computer and

I know, I know...a lot to digest; but some of u guys have
been-there-done-that already, and I'm afraid of blowing something out by
making a mistake; so MP/TR owners pse help!

steve, k8wk..

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