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[TRLog] JADX contest

Subject: [TRLog] JADX contest
From: (Ralph)
Date: Thu, 12 Nov 1998 18:32:32 -0800
I downloaded the new version 6.33 and it is working fine, even in a
Windows98 window.
Couple of things I noticed:

1.  In the JA DX contest there are only 50 Prefectures.  But the program
allows input of over 50.  It would be nice to have it not allow anything
over 50, incase during the heat of battle one would try and do such a

2. Even though this is a very low priority, when I loaded the new
version the install told me my autoexec.bat file needed to be fixed
(even though I had fixed it and have it working).  I answered ok --fix
it...and it was happy but did not do anything.  It did not overwrite my
old one so everything still works.  Hope this helps with this little


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