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[TRLog] bit 'o help?

Subject: [TRLog] bit 'o help?
From: (Robert Beckstrom)
Date: Fri, 13 Nov 1998 14:18:49 -0600

I am a rather new convert from CT, and echo other comments already, TR IS
GREAT!... i think
we should all bow to Tree!...  usually, it's me (the operator) hosing
things up!

but to my lil problem...

using 6.32 running SS CW last weekend..

reading the the manual a CNTL-U is supposed to bring up the last ten
spots... this command
never seems to do anything for me... is there some option which "overrides"
or clashes with
the cntl-U or packet spots in my setup???

if i do a cntl-b (i think, whatever the one for packet comm is..), i indeed
see packet spots coming across and even a beep indicating a new mult,
connect etc... but when operating without the packet window up (cntl-b)...
all is dead, no spots come in, no cntl-u, no beeps....

duh... what am i doing wrong?

also, will TR handle packet spots (no dupes if a spot is unique within 5
min or so) without 
being "connected" to the cluster?

bob -w9zv

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