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[TRLog] Paddle Port Problems with Laptop

Subject: [TRLog] Paddle Port Problems with Laptop
From: (R. Torsten Clay)
Date: Sun, 15 Nov 1998 10:53:00 -0600 (CST)
Regarding TR and laptops:

On my laptop (Gateway Solo 5100) in order to get the LPT interface to work
with TR I had to set the BIOS mode for the printer port to "standard
bi-directional". It's usually set on EPP or ECP, which didn't seem to work
with TR. So check to see if your laptop has any bios options for the
printer port.

(I'm running Win 95, booting into DOS mode via F8 to run TR).

Also: if you haven't built an optocoupled keying interface yet, try one! I
used one optocoupled and one regular transistor interface during SS. No
rfi problems at all with the optocoupled interface, while the transistor
interface needed the normal application of toroids halfway through SS to
keep rf out on certain bands.


> Help!
> I have a Cannon 133 MHz laptop that is loaded with Win 95.  I boot into the
> DOS mode (from startup) and can get everything working except the Paddle Port.
> I use identical LOGCFG files and program files between the desktop and laptop.
> The Paddle Port uses the pullup resistors as described in the Manual.
> I'm planning to play CQWW from a portable location here in Texas (nice high
> hill), and don't want to bring an extra keyer along.
> I suspect there may be an IRQ conflict with the Mouse(?), as that's the only
> internal device that's still active after doing an F8 DOS boot. Thanks in
> advance for the help.
> Paul
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