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Subject: [TRLog] Band Map
From: (
Date: 14 Dec 1999 18:20:21 -0000
I am in the middle of once again - rewriting most of the band map code.
This is the second time SINCE the last release!  

Instead of storing the band map as one long linked list - I will store
it in separate lists for each band and mode (160 through 2 meters).  
There will be a cutoff frequency (that you can change) to deliminate 
SSB versus CW spots.  Calls spotted on one band - will not disappear
from other band/modes.  

I will also improve some of fine points - like when you use Control-END
to go into the band map - it will go to the spot you are currently on
(or near) - instead of the first entry.  

After I get this all done (in the next few days), I will spend one or
two days getting Cabrillo fixed up for the recent contests.  The father
of this spec will be at my QTH over XMAS, so we can work out any issues
on the basketball court.

If anyone needs a multi-packet version for the RAC contest - let me
know and I will send you one.  Otherwise - there shouldn't be any
issues with 6.46.


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