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[TRLog] Icom 756Pro, TR, and split mode

Subject: [TRLog] Icom 756Pro, TR, and split mode
From: (Fullgraf, Chuck)
Date: Mon, 11 Sep 2000 09:23:27 -0500
During the WAE contest this last weekend, I ran into a problem with the
Alt-N command in TR and my Icom 756Pro.

When using the Alt-N command, TR would put the radio in split operating mode
but, unless the sub-VFO had already been selected as the active VFO, TR
would change the listening frequency, the main VFO frequency, instead of the
transmit frequency in the sub VFO.

So, to make the Alt-N command useful, I would switch the radio's active VFO
to the sub-VFO by the button on the radio, evoke the Alt-N command, then
switch the active VFO back to the Main VFO by the button on the radio. The
last step is required for tuning the radio to find the next station.

Apparently, the 756Pro only allows frequency changes to the active VFO.
Which ever VFO is selected as active, TR will change that frequency with
either the Alt-N command or by typing a new frequency in the call window.

It would be cool if the Alt-N command would change the transmit frequency on
the 756Pro. Maybe this could be added to the wish list. 

As an alternate it would be convenient if I could figure out how to send
special messages to the radio. Then I could use a function key to change the
active VFO from the keyboard instead of pushing the small buttons on the
radio. I tried a little over the weekend to generate a special message for
the radio without success. I'm not getting the syntax correct, or the values
have to be translated to some other code. Does anyone have some words of
wisdom on getting the special messages to work?


Chuck, KE4OAR

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