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[TRLog] EX MENU problem

Subject: [TRLog] EX MENU problem
From: (Clive Whelan)
Date: Mon, 02 Jul 2001 19:17:23 +0100
I received only a single reply to this query, from Alan G8OO. He 
didn't know what the problem was but sent me a copy of his 
logcfg.dat file with an EX MENU command which worked!

After much gnashing of teeth I discovered that whereas CQ MENU= 
works OK, EX MENU= does not, and there must be a space between 
EX MENU and =, then everything is OK. This is what really 
confused me. Perhaps the syntax could be clarified in the manual 
or the difference between the two commands removed.

However this *still* leaves an unexplained problem. The very  
same EX MENU = command which works in logcfg.dat does *not* work 
in stdcfg.dat, even when precisely cut and pasted; weird. Does 
this mean that EX MENU = has never worked in stdcfg.dat (* 
surely someone must be doing this?) or that there is a further, 
as yet, undetected syntactical problem.

Hopefully Tree and/or Doc can help?


Contest Cambria-GW7X (

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