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[TRLog] TRmanual 6.59 woes

Subject: [TRLog] TRmanual 6.59 woes
From: (D. R. Evans)
Date: Wed, 19 Sep 2001 07:21:17 -0600
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On 19 Sep 2001 at 6:35, Tom Hammond NØSS wrote:

> Is it possible that you have AcroRead v3.x? And might it be possibly that
> Doc created the PDF in v4.0 format? If so, that's probably the fly in the
> ointment. Reader 3 won't load/display PDFs created as v4 files. DISTILLER
> must be set to create v3-compatible files.

Actually, it is 3.0-compliant. I view it with a 3.0 viewer before uploading, 
just to be sure.

All I can say is that before I sent out my message yesterday evening, I did 
sure that I could download it from both sites, and could display it properly 
after download.

It is correct that the text on the TR page has not yet been changed; give the 
webmaster a chance :-) I am sure that he will change it as soon as he gets the 
chance. The link, however, is to the new version even though it says that it is 
to version 6.56.

The dowloaded files from the two sites checked out as being identical (checked 
with the MD5 hash), and also identical with my master copy.

  Doc  N7DR

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