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[Trlog] Re: [TenTec] Logging programs

Subject: [Trlog] Re: [TenTec] Logging programs
From: n4zr at (Pete Smith)
Date: Mon May 19 07:56:55 2003
At 09:44 PM 5/18/03 -0700, k6se wrote, on the tentec reflector:
>"Is the Orion baud rate 57600 or 56000?  Logic 6 has a setting for
>The Orion Programmer's Reference Manual says, "Fixed at 57600 baud".
>And that's the baud rate between the radio and computer.  It's not for
>the computer's internal display rate.

Ouch -- I sure hope they fix this -- I think it will preclude the use of TR 
Log with the Orion.  Ron?  Hopefully, it's fixable in firmware.

73, Pete N4ZR
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