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Solid State Amp Kits

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Subject: Solid State Amp Kits
From: winjones@ix.netcom.com (Winston F. Jones)
Date: Sat, 4 Jan 1997 06:34:16 -0800

There's been a lot of discussion on the Reflector since I first brought 
up the subject of a solid state amp kit.

I agree that a 500-watt HF amp kit would be an ideal kit for Ten-Tec to 
offer. I've talked with some hams who have built the R.F. Electronics, 
Myrtle Beach kits and were very satisfied with them. The kits use the 
2SC2879 transistors, same as used by Ameritron and other commercial 
amps. They are very rugged devices and can handle large antenna 

Solid state construction eliminates the need for high priced tubes, 
variable caps, large inductors, high voltages, etc. All that has to be 
switched are the low-pass filters. The major problem with solid state 
is the necessary high current power supplies. The hams I talked with 
either ran mobile amps from batteries and high-power alternators or 
used the Astron 70-amp AC supply. One ham told me you need about 
8-gauge copper to carry the current and he gets his wires from an auto 
audio shop that specializes in high-power audio amps.

The only construction problem is lining up heat sinks with the case and 
transistors. But if the amp is offered in kit form, all the drilling 
has already been done for you.

The kits being offered now run about $500 if you include cost of board, 
parts, case, heat sinks, low pass filters, etc. You can figure another 
$275 for the 70-amp AC supply. The total $775 is still much cheaper 
than commercial solid state amps.

Yes, the technology has been around for about 20 years and is not that 
complicated when compared with the work to build a tube amp. Several 
companies supply ready-built ferrite transformers, pre-wound filters, 
chip capacitors, etc.

I think the day of the solid state amp is here and I would to see the 
Ten-Tec name and quality on a solid state kit. I predict it could be 
the solid state equivalent of the SB-200!!

Winston K4CWQ

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