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[TenTec] Up in Smoke

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Subject: [TenTec] Up in Smoke
From: jkoppi@pclink.com (Joseph Koppi)
Date: Thu, 9 Apr 1998 10:14:37 -0500
>The 1340 QRP rig went up in a cloud of smoke tonight. Something is shorted
>in my DC supply causing some AC on the ground lead. I plugged it into the
>rig and a loud crack emmited from the speaker. It worked fine for about 5
>minutes then I heard a loud hissing sound from the speaker and a cloud of
>stinkey white smoke came from the speaker grill. Looks like the LM-386 took
>a spike then took a hike. Here's what I learned.
>1. Don't hook a power supply to the rig with it's power turned on.
>2. Even though a rig sounds perfectly good, it may be getting ready to blow
>3. LM-386's stink when they burn.
>4. Commonly available parts are used in the rig.
>5. Desoldering is not going to be easy. I'll probably just bust it outta
>there and remove the leads one at a time.
>Hopefully by this weekend I'll be back in operation with this rig.
>Steve Ellington
>Amateur Radio Operator N4LQ

Steve:  Sorry the pre-installed smoke escaped from your radio.  I hope that
reinstalling smoke in your radio isn't too difficult or too expensive.  I
understand that Ten-Tec has an ample supply of factory smoke if you can't
find any at Radio Shack.  73,

Joe Koppi, W0SU
St. Paul, MN

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