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From: Bill_Ames@hysoft.com (Bill_Ames@hysoft.com)
Date: Thu, 16 Apr 1998 14:16:42 -0400
Thanks for the reply, my comments below.
Bill Ames

>It would have to be a surface mount board; the noise blanker board is
>small, as it is a simple gating circuit for the audio.

Agree, but this tecnology is now mature and implimentation should be
relativly easy.
>With the Jones filter, you hardly need anything else I find, except
perhaps a
>heterodyne filter on 40M SSB at night for BC interference from European
Agree. I want it for the removal of heterodynes, anything else would be a

>The outboard Timewave DSP+ I have works great in the external speaker line
>headphone line as some call it.

I have one of the Radio Shack units. It works.
>Like most noise blankers, the onboard Scout one is pretty specific to
>spikes, and does not do anything for atmospheric static, thus, some other
>function might be more useful at that point of the circuit.  I find the NB
>pretty much does nothing for me as I operate mostly 20M and up.  When
>gets too bad, I figure a storm is close enough that I disconnect my
>and power and QRT for lightning protection!  In fact, having static is a
>reminder you should not be on the air, if it is that bad and close.
Since I don't have the noise blanker I can't comment but I generally don't
have a noise problem.

>I am sure the 160M and 80M operators would appreciate something more
>in the noise blanker circuit position.  Would be a good design challenge.
>Wonder if the Radio Shack type circuit which I think is mostly one IC
Perhaps TT would do it?

>One issue is putting any clocking digital processing or microproc circuit
>close to the RF receiver circuits.  They are already challenged by the
>for the keyer and PTO correction tasks.  Another good reason to put the
>DSP in external box away from the RF circuits, so digital hash is kept at
I don't think that would be a problem. Most of the signals I listen to on
80m where I need the heterodyne filter are quite loud, S9+ and I don't
think I would even notice additional hash.

>73, Stuart K5KVH

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