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Subject: [TenTec] Omni VI plus
From: pinskeep@iglou.com (Peter Inskeep)
Date: Wed, 05 May 1999 13:24:05 -0400
Your note, copied below, brings up an interesting point which I never paid
any attention to before.  I do know that my Delta 580 tune CW the opposite
way from (than???) my Omni VI Plus does.

With the Delta 580, when tuning from a lower frequency to a higher
frequency, I would first encounter a cw signal as a high pitched signal,
which decreased in pitch as I continued to tune up the band.  It tuned the
same way when the sideband switch was in the upper sideband position.  If I
flipped the switch to lower sideband, then the signal would go from a low
note to a high note as I tuned up the band.

The Omni VI Plus (mine was new in early 1997) tunes just the opposite in
cw.  As I tune up the band a cw signal appears first as a low pitch, and
then increases as I continue to tune up the band.  When I switch to lower
sideband, it sounds the same as on cw.  When I switch to upper sideband, it
sounds the opposite, i.e.., with the sig decreasing in pitch as I move up
the band.

However, best as I can tell (because there is not anything on 160, 80 and 10
that I can hear at the moment, all bands on my rig tune the same way on cw.
That is, I guess, on lower side band.  Perhaps there was a change in the way
they programmed the Omni VI Plus somewhere along the way.  I'll check again
tonight to see what happens on 80 and 160, but I suspect that they, too,
will be lower side band on cw.

I got a 1208 10 meter to 6 meter kit for xmas, but have not yet assembled
it.  Perhaps I will find it to be a problem when I do.

As an aside, in tuning through the bands to see how my cw sideband worked, I
am finding 12 meters to be hot, at least here in Kentucky.

Pete, NO2D
Pewee Valley, KY

"Dr. Gerald N. Johnson, P.E." wrote:

> One grumble I have is the choice of receive mode for CW on 14 and 28
> MHz. For some reason the Omni V and VI use LSB for CW on those bands.
> This is a great obstacle to using either radio with a transverter for
> serious VHF operation where one may work CW and SSB alternately in the
> same QSO because of weak signals. Might actually want to copy USB and
> send CW 800 hz above the USB carrier frequency. When the mode shifts and
> the receive frequency shifts so drastically between modes, one looses
> contacts in contest situations from not correcting the dial properly.
> Hence I have selected a Corsair II for such uses. It does work CW and
> USB on 10m with the same PTO and mixer frequencies so switching modes is
> simplified.
> I presume that if one really wanted to, the computer control program for
> the Omni VI could be disassembled and the errors corrected but that's a
> lot of work.
> 73, Jerry, K0CQ

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