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[TenTec] OMNI 6+ or FT1000MP

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Subject: [TenTec] OMNI 6+ or FT1000MP
From: jdvoracek@vvm.com (John Dvoracek)
Date: Sat, 8 May 1999 17:46:06 -0500
I hope I have everyone on the list who has replied so far, and a few other
interested parties.  Based on 11 replies from operators of both rigs, and
considering operating characteristics only (not service, number and size of
knobs, etc.), the results are clear:

1.  If you contest ssb and cw BOTH (or just ssb) SERIOUSLY and could own
ONLY one rig, it's the ft1000mp.

2.  If you contest or just operate mostly cw, it's the omni 6+.

When you throw in the other variables, things get a little (phase?) noisy,
but generally follow the same trend.  Thanks again everyone!  Remember,
these experiences are not mine, so don't flame me.

de ke5c,
op John

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