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[TenTec] TT 705 Cartridge in headset-boom mike??

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Subject: [TenTec] TT 705 Cartridge in headset-boom mike??
From: n2ka@juno.com (Arthur R Bernstein)
Date: Tue, 12 Oct 1999 01:33:27 EDT
Hi Group,
I've just recently acquired a nice headset with a boom mike. It's an
Azden HS-03. Unfortunately, I don't think these are readily available in
the U.S. anymore, since Azden has stopped distribution of all their gear
in this country. The microphone is attached to a thin, curved stainless
steel tube through which a thin shielded mike cable runs. It appears to
be single conductor shielded. I've noticed that the output from the mike
element is not sufficient to drive my OMNI VI very well, even with the
mike gain cranked way, way up (I'm familiar w/cranked up mike gain as I
use the Heil  HM-10 dual element mike.) The cartridge is approximately
the diameter across of a quarter-it's a dynamic with a stated impedance
of  500 ohms. No specifics given to voltage output. Frequency response is
given as 300-4000hz w/ a 6db rise at 2500 hz, actually -10db at 300 hz
(that's fine.) Was thinking of buying a 705 element from Ten Tec and
substituting it into the boom mike holder. The only problem I see is I
believe the 705 is an electret and needs +4vdc on it,  supplied by pin 4
on the OMNI VI. I dont think I could squeeze another wire into the mike
boom tube tto get the +4v on the element. Is there another way to do this
such as piggybacking the 4v on the audio line? How would this be done? Or
would I have to run an external wire heat shrink tubed to the boom for
the voltage.? This setup could be used with footswitch if I wire in a
jack to mike connector between pin 3 and ground.-as Heil does.
Any suggestions or ideas?
Thanks in advance.
Art, N2KA.. (95% CW!!!)

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