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[TenTec] Omni VI+, Henry and QSK-5

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Subject: [TenTec] Omni VI+, Henry and QSK-5
From: paulc@mediaone.net (Paul Christensen)
Date: Tue, 6 Nov 2001 19:10:28 -0500
I went to the Ameritron web site to download the QSK-5 manual.  Instead, a 
model QSK-5PC is shown and apparently the connection
choices are much different.  Oh well....


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Subject: [TenTec] Omni VI+, Henry and QSK-5

> Hi,
> Hope I am not the first with this situation.  Have a Henry
> amp used with my Omni.  Henry relays are "hot switching",
> so decided to add the Ameritron QSK-5 timing gizmo to
> properly sequence the Omni and the Henry.  So today,
> rcv'd the QSK-5 from AES.
> Opened the manual for instructions:  instantly hit vocabulary
> confusion!!?  The QSK-5 is to connect to the transceiver
> and amp in several places.  And,  of course,  the Omni has
> CW TX Out and TX En, Key and the Relay output to the
> amplifier.  The QSK-5 is to also receiver the RF signal from
> the Omni,  feed the signal into the Henry,  receive the signal
> out from the Henry,  then input the signal into the antenna
> system -- watt meter,  tuner,  etc.
> The QSK-5 requires connections as follows each of which is
> described in language completely foreign to Omni language and
> to me!  These connections are:
>  "One common use is to "connect the hand-shake output to
> the transceiver".
> This is said to be factory wired to an open "collect" output
> that "follows the Key 2 signal".
> KEY 2,
> Described as requiring to be "pulled low", below 2 volts, to
> place the QSK switch in the transmit mode during break-in
> operation (I am guessing this is the jack to which my keyer
> will connect??). "A full return to receive mode occurs less
> than one mS after this jack goes high."  But,  see on below
> where the Ameritron sample wiring diagram has this jack
> connected to the "transceiver QSK line",  whatever that is.
> KEY 1
> "This jack connects to the VOX relay or the QSK line of the
> transceiver.  This jack activates the amplifier's internal relay via the
> AMP RELAY jack even if the QSK-5 switch is turned off.  This
> jack has no time delay at the beginning of transmissions.  However,
> on below in the sample hook-up instructions,  the KEY 1 is shown
> strapped to the AUX jack,  and both connected to the transceiver's
> "VOX relay" ??
> "This line connects to the amplifier's key (relay) jack."
> Supplied wiring diagram:
> KEY 1 and AUX
> A wiring diagram is shown which "will work with most QSK
> transceivers".  This diagram shows that KEY 1 and AUX are
> strapped together and connected to the transceivers VOX
> relay?  Also,  via a diode,  this same pair can also be connected to
> the transceiver's "handshake"  jack,  if required. (?)
> KEY 2
> This is shown connecting to the transceiver's QSK line.
> I have read and reread these instructions.  Each time they
> make less sense to me!  The wiring diagram which I have
> tried to describe seems to contradict the statements given
> above about these various jacks.  And there is no keyer
> connection;  unless that goes to the transceiver's key jack
> or is,  in fact to go to the KEY 2 jack?
> Wish I knew what the Omni's QSK line was,  the hand-shake
> line,  etc.  I am guessing that some of these must interconnect
> with the Omni TX En and TX OUT jacks;  that these may be
> the mysterious hand-shake and QSK lines.
> Help!  Anyone been here,  done this already,  I hope.
> 73,  Jim  KH7M
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