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[TenTec] RF problems with Astron PS

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Subject: [TenTec] RF problems with Astron PS
From: N4NT@chartertn.net (Mike Hyder)
Date: Mon, 12 Nov 2001 07:37:59 -0500
This is funny.  He already said that grounding the negative post to the
chassis cured his problems. . .

I rest my case.

73, Mike  -N4NT-
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> A basic for RF in the power supply is put the supply on the floor, or
> from antenna feeders of possible.  You can also add RF cores to choke RF
> backfeeding into the two screw terminals of the Astron, just inside the
> supply.  By pass both plus and minus bolts to chassis to with disc ceramic
> caps, say of 0.005 mf if you have a good 3 wire grounded AC system.  Use
> twisted pair heavy leads between the Astron and rig, and even better
> over the twisted pair, and ground that shield to station RF ground to
> with short lead.  If station is on upper floor, then you should use a
> balanced antenna, such as dipole or dipole fed beams, or use 1/4 wave from
> station ground point, as tuned counterpoise for the band having problem.
> Run the 33 foot insulated wire counterpoise around the baseboards of the
> shack, or out to yard, straight if possible.
> Make sure you do not have a ground loop in your station.  The rig ground
> screw should only go to earth, and there should be a star ground system
> each accessory to that central grounding point.  Again, upper floor
> installations need a counterpoise or artificial RF ground such as the Ten
> Tec kit RF counterpoise.
> The plus and minus leads of the Astron as wired from the factory should be
> floating, ie neither connects to Astron chassis.  But chassis should
> to 3rd pin of AC outlet.  The minus lead will internally connect to the
> ground AT THE RIG alone.
> GL and 73,
> Stuart K5KVH
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