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[TenTec] A new QRP radio

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Subject: [TenTec] A new QRP radio
From: w7itc@hotmail.com (Kenneth Crips)
Date: Sat, 24 Nov 2001 20:38:49 -0700
If Ten-Tec does come out with another QRP rig they should look at
the SGC-2020 http://www.sgcworld.com/2020/index.htm This is a great
little radio that is designed to be used with batteries.  I wonder how
much of a market there would be for such a radio from Ten Tec.  The Argonaut 
II was a fine radio, My brother has one, but from a QRP stand point it had 
some real issues.  The main one being it's power consumption. It didn't lend 
it's self well to portable battery operation. My analog Argosy isn't a good 
battery portable rig either.  It's power consumption is low but the PTO gets 
real weird when the voltage goes below 12.5 volts. The FT 817 is on My 
purchase list as a replacement for My venerable FT-470 HT, But it too is a 
little thirsty
on batteries but at least you can do things like shutting down it's
display.  If Tennessee Technical wants to come out with an interesting
QRP rig why not emulate the Tokyo Hi power HT-750, 
http://www.rigpix.com/tokyohypower/ht750.htm or the little single band HF 
HT's that are so popular in Japan. 
One can only hope.


Kenneth A. Crips, Amateur Radio Station W7ITC,
Home of the Chew Crew.  Razz, Beezie, and Morgan.
Cheyenne, Wyoming's Irish Terriers with an attitude.

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