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[TenTec] Am I alone?

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Subject: [TenTec] Am I alone?
From: jimr.reid@verizon.net (Jim Reid)
Date: Tue, 9 Apr 2002 08:26:12 -1000
Early every morning,  before my computer is on,
e-mails are sent to me.  This starts around 12:30 AM
Hawaii time,  or 6:30 AM EDT. 

These are coming from various amateur radio reflectors.
However,  a few minutes,  four to seven after one comes
along from the Ten Tec reflector,  along comes an e-mail
from an unheard of address containg a bad V;  one of
the breed of W32's.  One of these in particular is now
at nearly the top of Norton's list of occurences/problems
caused.  Today,  there were four,  all within moments of an
input from someone on the TT reflector.  My Nortons
program catches and quarantines every one.  First thing
in the AM after I am up and had some coffee,  I go into
Nortons a flush these out!

However,  I suspect someone on the TT reflector has an
infected computer and has no idea this is going one.  Per
Norton,  the V,  during the odd number months (like in May)
unleashes havoc within the infected  computer!  But during
April,  it is doing all in can to infect other computers.  It
makes up email address,  finding targets from the host
infected computer.  It can find targets from all over the
host machine,  not just in the address book.

So, please,  find a program,  Nortons or some other and be
sure your machine is V free before May gets here.  Check out
the following site from Nortons for info about this pest:


Scroll down to the notes about this thing.  You may be shocked
at what you read.  Take care,  please....

73,  Jim  KH7M

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