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[TenTec] Am I Alone? ( OT )

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Subject: [TenTec] Am I Alone? ( OT )
From: caitlynmaire@earthlink.net (Caitlyn Martin)
Date: Tue, 9 Apr 2002 17:11:24 -0400
Hi, Gary, and everyone else,

(No I haven't unsubscribed yet, and I actually have something to
contribute :)> 
> FWIW, I use Pegasus for email & Agent for a newsreader. Niether are
> prone to the viri/worm/trojan that Outlook is. Pegasus is free at
> http://www.pmail.com/. It's been around for years & keeps being
> improved. These outlook pests don't affect Pegasus.
> ( in case someone wants to find a free & different emailer that isn't
> so succeptable to attacks) 

While Gary's point is well taken, other virii/worms attack
vulnerabilities in the Windows OS.  To date, there is only one virus
written for Linux in a lab and none in the wild.  There have been a few
worms, but anyone who regularly updates/patches their OS (an automated
process for many Linux distributions) was immune to them as well.  For
those who do not like shelling out to Microsoft, Linux *may* be a viable
alternative.  (NOTE the emphasis on *may*.  Linux is not for everyone.)

All the best,
Virus free and Microsoft free

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