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[TenTec] Help locate magnetic circuit breakers

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Subject: [TenTec] Help locate magnetic circuit breakers
From: KD5NWA@mbayona.com (Cecilio A. Bayona)
Date: Tue, 2 Jul 2002 15:54:10 -0500
You need an Airpax Snapak Magnetic breaker.... the original supplier to
Ten-Tec.  I have found the best price at Poco Sales in California.
like they were about $9 +/- last time I bought some.  They have a
order of $25 so find a pal that needs one too.  Airpax has a $500
order..... Ward Marine sells them but they are the "slow" version of the
breaker and are too slow for adequate protection.  I have seen both
"instant" and "fast" breakers as Ten-Tec original.  I use the 20 amp
breaker with Omni V/VI+ and have never had a problem... also, Paul
at Ten-Tec told me a few years ago that the fast breaker is fine and
be better as you won't get "false" trips if you are transmitting into a
higher swr.  Apparently the "instant" breakers are very fast trip.

Here is exactly what you need:

Part Number: T11-1-20.0A-01-10A-V
Handle/Style: Paddle/Toggle
Number of Poles: Single Pole
Configurations: Series Circuit Breaker
Frequency - Hz: DC-50/60HZ
Delay: Fast DC-50/60 Hz
Cross Calibration: DC Circuit
Voltage: 32DC
Rated Current: 20.0amps
Handle Color: Black
Outer Hardware: Black Knurled Nut
Indicator Plate: Vertical Mount
Terminal Adapters: No 6-32 Screw Terminal Adapters
VDE approval and CE compliant

This is for the "fast" breaker.  If you want the "instant" breaker
substitute a "0" for the "1" after T11-.  If you want a nickel knurled
substitute "-11A" for "-10A-".  If you want an 18.0 amp breaker
"-18.0A-" for "-20.0A-"




The above was from a message earlier today, I bought some breakers from
them and they work fine, be careful with ordinary breakers, they may not
be fast enough, I ended buying three breakers because there was a
minimum $25.00 on an order, and the breakers were aprox. $9.65 each.


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Subject: [TenTec] Help locate magnetic circuit breakers

I am looking for 18 amp magnetic circuit breaker
for power cord of old TT  triton.
Anybody know where to find em?

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