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[TenTec] New FREEWARE for Pegasus/Jupiter

To: <tentec@contesting.com>
Subject: [TenTec] New FREEWARE for Pegasus/Jupiter
From: khopper@uchicago.edu (Ken Hopper)
Date: Fri, 19 Jul 2002 09:53:57 -0500
Check this out. Very nice looking FREEWARE software for the Pegasus and 
Jupiter called "PegasusPlus" from Mike Cobuccio <nhcobu@tiac.net> WA1EYP.
I was surfing the Web in between lines of code and noticed your web site 
citing the virtues of TenTec gear.  I too own TenTec, currently a Pegasus.  I 
found its performance so much better than my IC-756PRO I got rid of the PRO. I 
am also a software engineer and was encouraged by my ham friends to do a 
really advanced user interface with "on the fly customization" of the front 
panel by the user. So I did that too!  I also have a number of ham friends who 
own TenTec because they could not afford a "high" end Japanese radio.  So I 
decided to incorporate many of the features of these high end radios in my 
software and give these hams a chance to enjoy these features too!

I have been a ham for 38 years and have enjoyed ham radio and the  friends I 
have made through this hobby so I offer this program free of charge.  It is 
compatible with both the Pegasus and the Jupiter.  I invite you to take a look 
at it and download a copy.  I am always open to suggestions and willing to 
help fellow TenTec owners.

My web site is:  http://home.tiac.net/~nhcobu
dit dit
de ken n9vv

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